Admissions to this college, on the basis of open merit policy, are offered to committed youngsters at three stages enabling every-body to have an easy and equal access to quality education. The applications are accepted on the prescribed forms pasted inside the College Prospects.

Prep Class.
(Junior section and GMA campus)

Admission to both boys and girls aging 04to 05 years are offered after a friendly interview with the child to see the level of his/ her basic know how about the surrounding, community and language proficiency.

Six Class   
(Senior Section and Girls Section)

New admissions to class six are offered through advertisement in the press to the motivated boys and girls to join this prestigious institution for their higher studies. Special consideration is given to the boys from outside Faisalabad city for having a big attraction of hostel inside the campus. The students are to be examined in English, Urdu, and Mathematics (50 marks paper for each subject) to calculate merit as admission is to be served through open merit policy and the same criteria is taken up for both boys and the girls, anyhow admission to girls section is always subject to the availability of seats.

F.Sc(First Year)

Application on prescribed forms are invited and the admission to college classes is also advertised through press and served on the basis of open merit, considering the secured marks in the SSC Exams along with offering a vide ranges of scholarship and concession to be calculated on the basis of marks scored in Board Exams.

Others Classes.

Admission to other classes are served on the basis of the availability of seats in all the sections and clearance of admission tests.

Note: For details regarding admissions, fee structure, availability of seats, criteria, questions and queries please visit our admission cell personally or call on the given college numbers during all working hours of serf required information from our website.   For uniform colour, combination and scheme please visit our display boards or contact the Sectional Head.