Academics/ Promotion Policy

After exploration, consultation and recommendation of educationists the best available syllabus is chosen/ applied to be taught to our students up to class Eight. The books of renowned National and International publishers are included and being taught by faculty of steadfast and dedicated members possessing Master Degrees in their respective subject. The academic year is divided into two terms following a semi- semester system to save our dear students from the drudgery of length syllabus.

Mid Term

From April to September

Mid Year Examination is held on during the month of September and 20% marks out of total obtained are calculated to be carried forward to annual exam.

Final Term.

From October to March

Final Year Examination ( Promotion Test) is held during the month of March to evaluate the students to be promoted to next class with a ratio of 80% + 20% from mid year exam. Pass percentage in all the exams and tests is based on 40% of the total marks.
Monthly Assessment is carried out continuously over the year to find out the weak areas and deficiencies of the students. Special periods and Zero Periods are arranged as remedial work to make up shortcomings and to enhance curricula efficiency.

Grading Formula

A+     = 90 ……100%
A       = 80 …….89%    
B+     = 70 ……. 79%
B       = 60 ……..69%
C+     =50 …….. 59%
C       =45 ………49%
D       =40 ……….44%
E       = below average and to be retained, unfit for promotion