The Campus

Divisional Public School and College has a unique range of learning opportunities and facilities; by using the educational and motivational contrivance of age, ability and aptitude the institution is divided into four sections to provide the best suitable socio- learning environment along with splitting on gender basis to let the daughter to flourish in an independent atmosphere enriched in Islamic coloration.

Junior Section.

The fresheners are admitted to Junior Section during the month of February as per the advertisement published in the national News papers in detail. The Junior Section accommodates students from Classes Prep to Four. The college arranges the junior classes in two campus, the main campus and the GMA Campus to save the parents from slogging on pick and drop far away. The addition of GMA Campus is a blessing for the people living in the North West areas of this third biggest city. The adopted curriculum is the best one to provide a good nursery to the boys section serves for having Principal and other managerial/ Administrative offices in this building. The boys of both the Junior Section are promoted to Senior Section in Fifth class as groomed and bloomed for further higher studies to go ahead to SSC Exams with science subjects and English as Medium of instruction. This section has a special feature to be housed with a grand hostel building  attracting and inviting students from all over the country to complete a unity chain being platform of the exchange of local culture and languages among the students.

Girls Section.

The girls of both the Junior Section after passing their Fourth are shifted to girls section in an exclusively maintained atmosphere for our beloved daughters enabling them to tackle a situation while handling with grace and treating with wisdom. They remain in this section till they pass the SSC & F.Sc Exams. This section is facilitated with female staff both teaching and assisting to let the girls feel free teaching from gender hesitation to at any level or anywhere rather flourish in full conformity with traditional and Islamic values.

Having promoted quality education along with putting up the best in character building and tireless working over the years to the core satisfaction of community, the BOG has decided to upgrade Divisional Public School to the level College to further strengthen and ensure commitment of Nation Building especially in the career making years of our beloved students. The dedicated staff members have taken their task to F.Sc Pre-medical and Pre-Engineering to induce and indorse the supremacy of their alma mater as the best college in the region( Insha Allah)


To let our dear students to go through practical skills of all kinds, to perceive the things happening and changing in their hands and before their own eyes, well facilitated, equipped and spacious labs with more than sufficient needs appearance/ tools are managed separately in all the sections. The students are supervised by their subject Teachers being assisted by trained lab Assistants and lab Attendants. The are fully equipped to have the opportunities for the students to make models to be presented/ exhibited in different competitions like National Science Olympiads, National Science Museum Annual Competitions. The user friendly computer lab is recently furnished with the latest and fastest computers to enhance the working condition for both the teacher and the taught. 

Multi Media Studio 

An internationally constructed area with stepping heights is renovated to a comfortable structure with all the needed amenities enabling the students to study while using and applying all the modern techniques like Projectors/ Multimedia/ Satellite live networking. In this room our students are motivated to switch over to modern learning through using electronic devices in their true positive sense in solving sums of mathematics, filling in the blanks of some English lesson or watching curiously the inner working of an area and much more the learning of English Language using different techniques to improve pronunciation and Grammar.


The libraries with good readers can breed enlightened minds with innovative ideas to drive the mat on to the path of success. Divisional Public School and college keeps the honour of having four purposely built well-stocked and well- equipped libraries, providing all readable within the easy approach of the readers to have a free access to the books they need for quick references. To inculcate healthy habits of sitting, reading and consulting books all classes are allocated weekly periods to visit library compulsory. The students also feel proud of having benefited with latest books on all the subjects, periodicals, magazines, journals and newspapers both National and Local the administration allocates and spends handsome and generous budget every year to buy new books to keep the library up to date with a comprehensive, syllabus based and carrier oriented collection of books.


History not only tells the past but also facilitates the people to beautify the future while living in present. The college museum is serving as multi-purpose instrument in preserving, exhibiting and decorating the campus atmosphere for having valuable monument in its glass cases. Outside walls of the museum and the main corridor are set with year wise group photos of new and old students (PUBLICANS) to find themselves or their near ones who once remained the part of this prestigious institution and now proudly participating to ensure progress and prosperity for the nation.

Campus Mosque.

A beautiful Jamia Masjid (Mosque) with full time Imam Ahmad Khadim is present to smooth the habit of bowing and earning the blessing of Allah by the hostel students with regular five time compulsory offering of prayers. An Islamic library is managed inside the Mosque having valuable volumes of Quran-e-Pak, Hadith and Ilamic history to ensure the presence of easy reference of easy reference within an arm’s length as a humble Endeavour to inculcate the true Islamic values among the students.

Medical Care.

The college keeps a Mini-Hospital within the boundary with trained medics and all the kind of medicine to deal with any emergency. The students are also assisted with compulsory annual medical checkup to measure their growth height, weight eyesight along with remedial and caring counseling. The parents are subsequently informed accordingly for further expert opinions if needs.

Purified Water

To ensure the supply of quality drinking water to the students, different spots and water coolers are connected to Water Treatment Plant where TDS level is maintained to 300 (below) and cleanliness of the spots is ensured all through the school hours. The purified water is also available for the residents of the plant is a great blessing in fetching quality water.

Pick & Drop

Keeping in view the growing commitments of parents the college maintains a good Fleet of Vehicles covering all the main rotes of the city. This facility is available on payments to girls of all classes and the boys up to class Eight.