Discipline and General Rules

Forming and shaping the personality of a student is the joint endeavour of the parents and teachers to make a child the best talent with positive features working for the benefit of men. To achieve this aim the parents are desired to fulfill the following needs of their kids positively.

  1. Stress your child to take a bath daily using some food soap along with brushing the teeth, oiling and combing of the hair duly trimmed/cut properly.
  2. The uniform should be completed in all respects, neat and tidy, well ironed, stitched to the present measurement, decorated with school and house insignia and colour strips.
  3. Child must be asked / assisted / supervised/ coached during evening study hours to have their home work completed beautifully and memorizing/ understanding the lessons fully.
  4. Parents must check the bag off and on to find out any abnormality anywhere along with ensuring the presence of sufficient stationery items to be used in the classroom than to beg, borrow or steal from the fellow students.
  5. Send your child to school after having good breakfast and also fetch him / her with handsome lunch of kid’s choice or give the child 20 to 30 rupees to have something in the recess to restore his energies for the rest of the academic day. Don’t forget to provide him with a good water bottle to save him from contagious community diseases.
  6. Ensure in time pick and drop facilities to save him from humiliation early in the morning or painful and secluded waiting after pack up time.
  7. Develop respectability of elders in your child through telling him moral stories of great men of Islam and the world. Let the child to read the biographies and autobiographies of renowned personalities especially of those who came up from humble parentage and self made people. It will be better if you make the child habitual of buying good books to have their own libraries.
  8. For having a lot filthy TV channels only tune the Islamic and News channels along with a channel of Cartoons Networks, National Geography and Animal World etc for the healthy and knowledgeable recreation of your child.
  9. Ensure that your child fulfills his sleeping hours completely, calmly and peacefully to have restored with the energies for the next day struggle towards the climax.
  10. Never ever be late in the remittance of fee of your child to save him from being humiliated in the classroom for non-payment of the dues. Struck off names and readmission type of hurdles that can make him/her shy and insulted.
  11. Make it the habit of your child to reach college well before time to have good seat in the classroom, attend morning assembly and notice all the announcements being announced in the assembly. The late comers and absentees are fined heavily and the name from school roll will be struck off after consecutive 6 days absent from school without leave.
  12. Being a discipline oriented institution the following acts of ill-discipline will make the child to face inquiries, fines and may be expulsion from the institution for not being up to the mark.
    1. Damaging school property in anyway.
    2. Passing insulting and derogatory remarks about institution, the administration and the teachers.
    3. Indulging in any mischief that can cause mental torcher, physical damage, injury or serious wound to the fellow students.
    4. For not taking interest in studies and showing positive signs in results.
    5. Any act that is against the ideology of Pakistan, sectarian issues or political discussions.
    6. The act of telling lie, stealing, robbing, cheating in the exams, using unfair means or any other moral laps that can convince the Principal that the stay of the student is harmful for the fellow students or the institution.