Brief History  

Divisional Public School and College is proud of having all that your child needs for educational and moral sustenance to become successful with some definite aim. The college was established as a high school in 1963 with makeshift arrangement in a neighboring rented house. Soon the hard work and the labour of the dedicated and devoted Management, Teachers and the Taught started establishing a history for producing committed, honest, candid and straight forward fellow students who did magical winders in all the walks of life as engineers, doctors. politicians, civil servants and skillful businessmen and industrialists.

It covers an area of 37 acres in the heart of the city with lofty building to house different sections separately. The campus presents a beautiful picture of dreamlike atmosphere for having colorful beds of seasonal flowers here and there, lush green plants and vast grassy ground. The cleanliness, vastness, luxurious plantation makes the surroundings comfortable and highly compatible to teaching and learning for having its own micro-climate within the campus. The institution stamps its supremacy in spreading the sight of knowledge by producing good results over the years through constant struggle, labor and handwork. In Faisalabad Board distinctions are always the back by our students winning a name and fame for the Alma Mater.

The Administration and the Governing Body of the institution works round the clock in enhancing quality education with a great emphasis on the personality development. To manage good results through high standards of education applying all the modern teaching learning methodologies is an effort to produce a race of good human, humble Muslims and true Pakistanis enriched with Islamic values to face the world with a problem solving tendency and to be beneficial as a member of this newly emerging global village where everyone is sitting at a distance of pressing a key of your phone or computer.

Aims Mission

Read! In the name of Lord Who has created. He has created man from a clot. Read! And your Lord is the Most Generous, who has taught by the pen. He has taught man that he knew not.

With a sure belief in education as the most powerful weapon to change the destinies of nations on the face of the earth, we are toiling and striving to produce generation after generation with a clear concept in mind to serve humanity, the central figure of this cosmos. We propagate equality, honesty, truthfulness and sincerity among the students.

Objective and Goals         

Timely decisions and truthful thoughts enable a person to touch the milestone within the long voyage of self discovery and exploration. Considering education the last refuge to protect humanity against thirst, hungers, disease and calamities, we being a syllabus based institution always stress strongly on character building to produce a race, highly responsible in outlook, loving in nature, honest in behavior, fair in dealing and strongly committed in the well being of their country. Believing physical fitness a tool to struggle and toil, the institution avails every opportunity of physical training, games and sports to make the muscles and body strong and sturdy to shoulder the responsibilities of life. Keeping a keen eye on socio-cultural changes, the institution holds meetings, speeches, debates, play and dramas to promote rich culture among the students.

To ensure health competitions, sportsmanship, tolerance and brotherhood inter- house competitions are arranged to inculcate feeling to win with dignity and lose with courage. Beings syllabus based institution; high stress is given to complete the syllabus well in time for quenching the thirst of acquiring knowledge thorough innovation and commitment. For aesthetic satisfaction and skilled orientation, art and crafts also play important role in the facilities and facilities to provide the basic know how to the students. To meet global challenges especially in the fields of science an technology we aim at producing a good nursery with broad vision, scientific bent of mint definite goals to achieve.