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Being a residential institution the college stands unique for having an independent grand building with Dormitory / Cubicles / Study-room / Guestroom / TV room / indoor activity hall to provide peaceful, calm and standard living to the students from all over the country to come, live and enjoy a family like serene atmosphere very much suitable to academic uplift. The hostel teaches the art of adjustment, tolerance and problem solving attitude to the students at a very tender age and that further creates a sense of collective consciousness, sharing and caring among the students. A full fledged building serves the purpose of students’ Mess with Dinning Hall, Common Room, Cookery/Cuisine and here the food is generally reckon to be amongst the best in the city on no loss no profit bases be served to the core satisfaction of theboarders and their parents.

Hostel Rules

  1. The boarders will follow the timetable as promulgate be the institution both in the school and hostel.
  2. Boarders are not allowed to leave the campus in any case without Hostel Warden’s prior permission.
  3. Except sickness meals will only be served in the dinning hall on the prescribed timings in dinning dresses ( Complete School Uniform during Breakfast/Lunch and white Shalwar / Qameeze with Peshawari Chappal for dinner or on Sunday/holiday meals)
  4. Only Bona-fide guests will be allowed to visit and meet the boarders during recommended hours only in the meeting area on Saturday, Sunday and other official/gazette holidays. No guest is allowed to enter the hostel premises during any time. For any assistance the guests will call on the Hostel Superintendent.
  5. Disciplinary action will be taken against those who remain absent from school/hostel without prior permission or wandering here and there in school premises or visiting the rooms of fellow hostel mates after light off time or damaging the school property or not abiding by the rules and regulations of the institution.
  6. If due to medical reasons a boarder’s presence in the hostel and school is deemed to be harmful to other boarders. The principal will have the right to send him to home for a specified period suggested by the doctor. The principal has full authority to remove the name of a boarder from the hostel roll without assigning any reason if he is convinced that the boarder’s stay in the Hostel is against the interest of the institution.
  7. Dues will be paid only through the authorized branches of the Bank of the Punjab Faisalabad and no amount or gift in cash or kind is to be paid to any person in any capacity.
  8. The boarders must come back a day earlier to the opening of the school latest be 0600 p./m. to be entitled to serve eith meals. Late comers will be fined Rs.100/- for the first day and Rs.200/- for each subsequent day. A boarder who remains absent from hostel for more than seven days in liable to be removed from the hostel.
  9. The boarders will report to Hostel Superintendent in person at the time of their arrival.
  10. A boarder will be issued written warning for any breach of Hostel Rules. However on the third breach he is liable to be removed from the hostel.
  11. Boarders are not allowed to keep any kind of weapons in the hostel including knives and sharp edged items.
  12. Mobile / cell phone or other electronic devices are not allowed to be kept in the hostel.
  13. Boarders are not allowed to keep with them money more than Rs.1000/-. Excessive amount, if any should be handed over to the Hostel Superintendent for safe custody. They are not allowed to bring valuable articles (gold rings, costly watches, transistor, cell phones etc.)
  14. The boarders are required to have the following articles with them for their daily use in addition to the school and game uniforms including sufficient amount of stationery items.
Holy Quran = 01 Khes    = 01 White Shalwar = 04 Bathroom slippers=1 Kit Bag = 01
Bed sheet = 04 Quilt   =01 Trouser (White) = 04 Peshawarichappal=01 Vest White = 04
Pillow   =01 Blanket  =01 Socks(white) = 04 Bath Towels  = 03 Under pants= 04
Pillow cases  =03 Prayer cap  = 01 Socks (Black) =04 Box with 2 locks= 01 Sleeping suit =02
Durri  =01 White shirts= 04 Handkerchief = 06 Tracksuit(Navy Blue)=1 P.T shoes (white)=01

Note: The hostel has barber shop and the students must get proper hair-cut on regular basis. Items of bedding for winter should be brought just before the start of the season. Other items: shoes polish, shoes brush, tooth paste, tooth brush, mug, glass, soap, soap case, comb, hair oil, hangers, needles, thread, buttons etc.